Launched: Only Pay for Your Target Audience

Friday, December 17, 2010 | 2:44 PM


We’re excited to announce the ability to only pay for the audience delivered on your Google TV Ads campaigns. Google TV Ads has always emphasized accountability - advertisers only pay for the households that are tuned into their ads. Now, there’s another accountable option for advertisers and agencies: buying based on the demographic audience that is tuned into your ad.

Google TV Ads offers a rich set of tools to help you find the networks and shows that best reach your desired audience. We’re now taking that advanced functionality to the next level by offering you a choice to bid on and only pay for the relevant audience you’re interested in; you don’t pay for the audience you’re not interested in reaching.

For example, if you are primarily interested in reaching males 18-49, you’d simply create a campaign, indicate that you want to reach males 18-49, and specify the most you’re willing to pay on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis for in-demo viewers.

After you’ve defined an audience, Google TV Ads’ tools will help find the spots that deliver that audience in the highest concentrations based on aggregate viewership data, and you choose which networks, dayparts and programs you wish to add to your campaign.
If you indicate that you wanted to bid on an audience, you will only pay for the viewers that fall into that audience and were tuned-in to your ad. To measure the number of in-demo viewers for a spot, Google TV Ads uses a combination of Nielsen viewership data, aggregate demographic data and anonymous set-top-box data. The audience buying option will be available on all cable TV networks and dayparts we carry that are also measured by Nielsen.

For some advertisers and agencies who regularly advertise on TV, this feature brings an audience buying option to Google TV Ads that you’re already familiar with. For other advertisers, this feature provides an improved and more efficient way to choose and buy your exact audience on national television.

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Posted by Steve Stukenborg, Product Manager for Google TV Ads