Google TV Ads Power Users Series - Part 1 of 3

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 6:03 PM

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As we say goodbye to the first quarter of 2010 and usher in the new season, we'd like to share our latest product developments to help advanced users make the most of their campaigns. In this first installment of our three part series, we’ll give you the scoop on using our program and audience targeting tools to build and optimize effective campaigns. Are you a Google TV Ads power user? If not, you will be by the end of this series!

If you’re familiar with Google TV Ads’ program targeting tool, you know that advertisers can conduct keyword searches to find relevant media across 98+ cable networks. For example, searching for ‘beauty’ or specific shows like ‘Seinfeld’ will produce a list of targets related to that query. Insider’s tip: Searching for a topic will not only produce a list of exact matches and broad concept targets, you’ll also see ‘related programs’ for each suggested program (as shown below). This advanced feature looks at demographic information to calculate what other programs will reach a similar audience to the shows you’ve selected.

Why is this so powerful? If you’ve identified a list of targets that are effective but want to extend the reach of your ads across similar audiences, the related programs feature will do the work for you in identifying what other targets you should consider. Our system draws from an anonymized sample of millions of set-top-boxes to aggregate viewer demographics and show you exactly where else your audience can be reached.

Similarly, our audience targeting tool helps advertisers select and target a customized TV schedule to reach their specified audience. Simply specify the audience you want to reach by selecting demographic/psychographic traits and interests that characterize your desired audience. For example, searching for ‘women aged 25-34 interested in running’ will yield a list of targets that reach this audience in the highest concentrations.

Insider’s tip: We’ve recently integrated Nielsen’s PRIZM segments into the audience targeting tool. PRIZM is a customer segmentation system which places consumers into 66 segments based on demographics, lifestyles, shopping patterns and media preferences. Now, you can identify the segments which describe your desired audience best and our system will find the media being watched by that audience in the highest concentrations. Using PRIZM segments allows you to search for media that appeals to a very multi-dimensional and specific audience.

Stay tuned for next week’s segment which will cover campaign management shortcuts and more insider tips.