Measuring the Online Impact of TV

Friday, July 22, 2011 | 9:30 AM

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At Google we love data. We feel that the more of it you have, the better decisions you’re likely to make. It’s for this reason that we’re excited to introduce Web Attribution, Google TV Ads’ newest feature that, for the first time, allows you to measure the impact your TV ads have on driving traffic to your website.

So how’s it work? Web Attribution links historical website visitation trends from Google Analytics with your TV campaign data in AdWords. By establishing a baseline of typical web traffic patterns, we look for deviations from the norm. Matching these deviations with the exact times and places your TV Ads air on our system, we are able to attribute visits that resulted from exposure to your ads. Daily reporting of your Attributed Visits, as well as the Cost per Attributed Visit, will be available on a per-airing basis so you can see which networks, programs, and ad creatives are delivering the best results for your campaign.

This is just another way that Google TV Ads is working to make your TV buy smarter. We encourage you to find out how to get started with Web Attribution today. You can also always find more information about Google TV Ads at

Posted by Jody Shapiro, Product Manager, Google TV Ads