SelectQuote Uses Google Technology to Decrease Cost-per-Lead

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | 6:15 PM

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Founded in 1985, pioneered an impartial, pressure-free way to shop for term life insurance from competing insurance companies. The company has long since utilized television to drive awareness and inbound queries but in 2008, it added Google TV Ads to its media mix to enhance those efforts.

“Right out of the gate, we saw positive results -- lots of incremental calls and efficient media costs,” says Kim Terrill, director of broadcast media for However, Kim admits that tracking had become challenging with over 25 unique phone numbers mapping to various ads. SelectQuote decided to simplify and use just one phone number even though that meant not being able to track which networks were bringing in which calls.

Around this time, Google TV Ads began experimenting with its call attribution feature which automates the analysis and attribution of incoming customer calls and produces reports detailing call metrics for each spot aired. Using Google technology, the feature analyzes and understands which ad drove which calls, even if multiple ads drive viewers to the same phone number. After SelectQuote's call logs were uploaded into the system, Google matched incoming calls with aired spots based on date, time, historical call volumes and a host of other factors. "We started to see trends and were able to identify the targets that brought in the highest and lowest cost-per-lead (CPL) on a consistent basis, Kim notes. "I could adjust my budgets and bids at anytime based on this data to easily manage to a desirable CPL.”

SelectQuote's CPL decreased by 35% after four weeks of optimizing campaigns using Google TV Ads’ call attribution feature compared to the four week period prior. As Kim puts it, “what is truly astonishing is that we are using Google’s smart technologies to directly and easily improve what we’re doing.”

Learn more about SelectQuote's success by reading the entire case study here. If your business could benefit from powerful call attribution metrics, create a Google TV Ads campaign to access this and other features cost-free.