FUNimation Entertainment Increases Sales by 35%

Friday, November 5, 2010 | 1:46 PM

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When you think about anime, you probably think of two things: Japanese cartoons of an adult nature, and kids shows like Pokémon.  That limited view of the medium is exactly the problem that FUNimation Entertainment, the largest distributor of anime in the US, was facing when it turned to Google TV Ads and In-Stream video to raise awareness and expand its audience.

FUNimation’s media manager, Catherine Kim, explains, “65 to 70% of our customers are males, ages 18-34, with an interest in gaming and comics.  Our challenge is growing our audience beyond that core demographic.  We have to break down a lot of misconceptions and build awareness.”  Realizing that its product could only truly shine with advertising that incorporated sight, sound and motion, FUNimation decided to expand its media mix to include television and online video.

Above: A screen shot from Afro Samurai: Resurrection, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson - one of hundreds of titles distributed by FUNimation.

FUNimation’s TV campaign consisted of 35 television networks, including ESPN, MTV and USA.  Online, the company ran commercial on YouTube and Google Display Network partner sites including, and  By using Google’s advanced measurement tools and with the flexibility of the system, FUNimation was able to optimize its buy to maximize results.

“The results were immediately apparent,” says Catherine.  When compared to pre-campaign levels, FUNimation saw a 44% increase in new visitors to its website and a 35% increase in DVD sales for the promoted product line.

“Marketing is all about testing, and testing can be a challenge with a limited budget.  With Google TV Ads and In-Stream online videos, we can find out what works best for us and grow our market.  I know that makes me sound like a Google dork, but it’s just the truth,” remarks Catherine.  If you want to become a Google dork yourself, you can read the full case study or visit us at