Reach Your Customers This Holiday Season With Google TV Ads

Monday, October 4, 2010 | 7:17 PM


Even though summer is just ending, the holiday shopping season is already in full swing. According to a recent Google/OTX State of Shopping study, nearly half of the country has already started shopping for the holidays. Electronics, toys and home appliances are anticipated to be some of the top spending categories this year (see below). Using the advanced targeting and measurement tools of Google TV Ads, you can pinpoint audiences interested in these and many other products and services this holiday season.

Suppose you are an electronics retailer looking to use Google TV Ads to reach your customers. According to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), spending on electronics is up for both men and women, with men spending $969 in the past 12 months and women spending $631. Knowing that your audience skews more heavily toward men, you can use the Google TV Ads targeting tool to instantly get recommendations on networks and programs that make sense for your audience (in the example below, we have entered males aged 18-49 as a target).

In this case, the system recommends networks such as the NFL Network, the only channel dedicated entirely to the National Football League and ESPN, the top network for men over the age of 18 that earn at least $75K. It also provides a "Relevance" measure, which is an indicator of how closely the audience of that network matches your target audience (the higher the number, the more relevant the programming).

The holidays are an unpredictable time of year. You may find that you have run out of DVD players, but haven't sold a single 3D television. With the flexibility of Google TV Ads, you can change your programming with the click of a mouse, decreasing budgets for campaigns focused on DVD players, and increasing budgets for those focused on 3D TVs. Because the programming is never bundled, you can pick just the shows that make sense for your audience.

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