Realty Executives International uses Google TV Ads to connect with target audiences

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 | 1:34 PM

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Realty Executives International began advertising on television in 2006, and quickly realized that it needed a more affordable and targeted way to reach viewers on TV. The company provides corporate support and marketing for its real estate franchises in nearly 800 locations. With such a large scope, the team launched television campaigns which proved to be a powerful medium to build brand awareness and reach target demographics, however limited budgets were restricting reach and frequency of ads.

The team soon discovered Google TV Ads through its agency Infuse Creative, and found the efficiency, flexibility, and targeting needed to reach the maximum number of consumers for the least amount of dollars. “We are constantly looking for what we can do differently for our clients,” says Greg Markel of Infuse Creative. “For an agency new to television advertising, Google TV Ads not only seemed accessible and easy-to-use, but we saw it as a great way to broaden our service offerings.”

Fine tuning
“From the start, we saw positive results with Google TV Ads,” Marissa says. “We were running commercials on more shows and cable networks with the same budget as before. Most importantly, we were reaching the right viewers,” says Marissa. The team could access campaign reports within 24 hours of airing that included impressions and accurate demographic data.

“As a result, we’ve optimized our television campaigns to be more effective in reaching our target than before. Traffic to our website has increased exponentially, and our franchises are seeing positive impact on their businesses. Our brokers and sales executives from all over the country tell us that people approach them on the streets to say they’ve seen our television ad. We are able to deliver customers and generate greater brand awareness.”

More with less
With recent downward trends in the economy, Realty Executives International has found Google TV Ads to be an effective way to increase its return on TV advertising investment. “We’re advertising in a way that’s highly accountable, highly measurable, and radically cost-effective,” says Greg. Marissa adds that "[with Google TV Ads] you're able to do so much more, reach so many more people for the same or less dollars. So why would you not want to be more effective with how you're spending your money right now?"

Watch Realty Executive International's success story video to learn more:

Posted by Neha Mandal, Associate Marketing Manager for Google TV Ads