Google Announces Agreement with VCI Solutions

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 | 9:01 AM

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The Google TV Ads team is pleased to announce an agreement with VCI Solutions, a leading traffic and billing system for managing television ad inventory. With this agreement, the two companies will integrate systems and enable VCI's cable network and broadcast clients to make their inventory available to Google TV Ads advertisers more easily.

VCI clients who are Google TV Ads inventory partners will be able to reach new advertisers through Google TV Ads, while using their existing tools to manage their television advertising inventory. In addition, these clients will have access to detailed reports on their inventory performance based on set-top box data.

How does it work? As an inventory owner, you specify which inventory you'd like to make available through Google TV Ads. Once advertisers have uploaded their ads and bid the clearing price in an auction, the winning ads are delivered from Google's platform to VCI's traffic system, where they follow spot placement rules for where they will appear. As ads are approved and aired, VCI returns verification information to Google about when and where each ad ran.

If you're a TV inventory owner and would like to learn more about how you can sell your inventory through Google TV Ads, visit our AdSense for TV website.

Posted by Bob Meese, Business Development Manager for Google TV Ads