Google TV Ads Power Users Series - Part 3 of 3

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | 8:18 PM

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In our final installment of the Power Users series, we’ll cover advanced reporting and measurement capabilities of our platform. As you may know, Google TV Ads delivers precise reporting including impression counts, tuning data and cost metrics; this report type is called the ‘Played Spots Report.’ Beyond these data points, advertisers can also choose to include audience reporting metrics as well.

Our system merges aggregated demographic and psychographic information with viewership data from millions of anonymized set-top boxes to report on the audience composition for your ad airings. Audience metrics include Nielsen VPVH, household income, and category interest information amongst others. Easy to run reports detail the composition, or index for each metric whether or not you chose to target those specific metrics in your campaign. This allows you to see an overall picture of exactly who your ads reached or potentially can reach. Insider’s Tip: Selecting the audience measurement option while creating your ‘Played Spots Report’ will allow you to measure how many W25-54 are REALLY watching your ad, or how Project Runway indexes for consumers with certain interests such as photography, hiking, and over 30 others.

Another useful report type is the ‘Summary Report’ which allows you to analyze how well specific networks and programs deliver against an audience and your clearance goals. For instance, you can run a ‘Summary Report’ to find out which programs are delivering the highest VPVH for W25-54, or combine all played spots on ESPN to see how the overall HHI compares against all spots aired on Speed.

The last report and final tip we have for you, is the ‘Reach and Frequency Report.’ Insider’s Tip: Imagine how powerful it would be to understand not only the reach, but also the frequency of your TV campaigns over a given time frame. As seasoned TV buyers know, understanding how often you are reaching a given audience is as important in determining ad effectiveness as measuring reach. Are viewers motivated to visit your website or purchase from you after seeing your ad just once? Or perhaps the sales cycle is longer and repeat views are needed to move the needle. The ‘Reach and Frequency Report’ makes measuring this extremely easy, and can be viewed weekly or monthly to give you a sense of your creative penetration over the specified date range.

This brings us to the end of our Power Users series, we hope you have found these tips and tricks useful. As our product continues to develop and new product features arise, we’ll be sure to keep you posted and in the know.

Posted by Katie Mason, Account Manager for Google TV Ads