Google TV Ads Power Users Series - Part 2 of 3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 | 6:02 PM

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We’re back with another installment of our power users series, where we unveil advanced features and tips that can help advertisers better manage and optimize their TV campaigns. Today, we’ll cover some newer features that are designed to give advertisers more control over where and how ads air within a given campaign. More control is always a good thing, right?

For those of you who have already run several Google TV Ads campaigns, you may have experienced certain campaigns being over-saturated on a couple of networks. Because our auction optimizes for efficiency and value, advertisers may find that their campaign delivers more frequency on a few networks rather than spreading evenly over all of your selected targets. There are now two advanced settings that allow more control over reach and frequency. Within the ‘Settings’ tab of your campaigns, select ‘I prefer my ads aired more often on the national networks’ which will direct the system to try winning spots on our largest national partners first. Note that with this setting, you are opting for a larger reach rather than frequency or efficiency.

The second advanced setting that falls into this bucket is also within the ‘Settings’ tab. Choosing ‘I prefer my ads spread more evenly across networks and times’ will attempt to optimize for reach within your targets. Rather than allowing the auction to accumulate as many of the most efficient spots as possible, this setting assumes that you would rather pay a bit more to have a larger reach across a more varied set of networks and dayparts.

Often times, advertisers want to target specific programs, but have strict daypart restrictions; a situation that was previously tricky to solve for as it required manual blocking of programs that fall within undesirable dayparts. We recently released a feature that makes this much easier and more efficient for advertisers. Just like you can select flights dates for a campaign, you can now choose to simply block specific days and times, also through the ‘Settings’ tab of any campaign. Once you’ve blocked time periods at the campaign level, you are free to target any networks and programs you wish, and our system will ensure that you never air during restricted times!

Finally, you can now block Paid Programming uniformly across an entire campaign. This may not always be the best option if Paid Programming is efficient and produces a positive ROI on your campaigns. However, if you know such content is ineffective, you can now universally block that content from any campaign within the ‘Settings’ tab.

Now that you’re armed with more controls and better targeting capabilities, we hope that you will achieve even greater success using Google TV Ads. Check back next week with our third and final installment of the Power Users series.

Posted by Katie Mason, Associate Account Manager for Google TV Ads