Introducing the TV Ads Strategy guide

Friday, April 16, 2010 | 2:34 PM

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For many businesses, TV advertising is an entirely new medium that is both intriguing and seemingly intimidating. The most common questions we get from advertisers who are newer to TV revolve around how to strategically budget, target and measure TV campaigns.

In response to advertisers' feedback and questions, I'd like to introduce the TV Ads Strategy Guide, a comprehensive resource that aids advertisers in planning, creating and managing successful TV campaigns. Through simple examples and instruction, the guide walks through strategies advertisers might consider when building ads and campaigns. After reading through the guide, you'll have more information to answer questions like: How much do I need to spend? Is this the right medium for my business? What makes a good TV ad?

We hope this guide will be a helpful resource as you plan and launch successful TV campaigns that drive results!