Launched: MSNBC National Inventory Available through Google TV Ads

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | 1:56 PM

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This week, we're pleased to announce the addition of national inventory on MSNBC to the Google TV Ads platform. Some of you may already be running ads on MSNBC on the Dish Network inventory available in our system. Now, as a result of our partnership with NBC Universal Google TV Ads advertisers can reach over 91 million households who watch MSNBC.

MSNBC network offers the latest news programming, including programs like Dateline and Meet the Press. Advertisers who have already been targeting MSNBC, available through our partnership with Dish Network, will automatically be included in the auction for the new national network inventory, provided that their ad meets our technical requirements. We can help you identify whether your budget and bid are likely to cover the networks and dayparts you've selected; simply click on the "Calculate Weekly Estimates" button on the Set Pricing screen. Learn more about estimated impressions and cost.

To access this inventory, simply log into your AdWords account and begin by creating a new campaign. On the "Target campaign" page, choose MSNBC as a target network. Next, upload your ad, making sure it meets all recommended technical requirements. Then, once you set the CPM and budget, you'll be entered into the auction. After your ad plays, we will give you detailed reports that measure number of impressions, CPM and audience retention for each ad airing.

We're look forward to continuing to expand our platform to include more inventory.

Posted by Meredith Papp for Google TV Ads