Launched: Audience Data Reporting

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | 11:59 AM


We recently launched Audience Search for Google TV Ads, a useful tool to select which networks, dayparts, and programs best reach your desired audience. This week, we are happy to announce the launch of audience data reporting. Now, you can view how effectively each of your ad airings reached your desired audience based on actual set-top box data. Previously, we provided reporting on the Viewers Per Viewing Household (or VPVH) within a chosen age and gender set for each of your airings; now, we've enhanced this report to include an audience index value for a selected interest -- like motorcycling, photography, or gardening -- as well as household properties -- like marital status or presence of children.

To take advantage of the new reporting capabilities, follow the simple steps below or view our how-to video on the Google TV Ads YouTube Channel.

How to create a report with Audience Data:
1. Log in to your AdWords account and go to "Reports."

2. Click over to the TV Ads Reporting section, and select a Played Spots report or a Summary report.

3. In either report, select "Add or Remove Columns" and find the section titled "Audience Data". There, you can specify which attributes you're most interested in reviewing.

(Click on image for a full-size version)

Once you've created your report, you'll see columns with the traits you selected in the report. In the Played Spots report, we provide you with the index of the trait at the specific time that your ad aired. For index values, 100 is the average. If you see an index of 129 for an interest like photography, it means that the program you aired on draws 29% more photographers than average. For Summary reports, the index values represent an aggregation to the level you specified in the report. Note that if you select "Viewers" and choose a specific age and gender, we'll report to you the more specific VPVH as calculated by Nielsen.

(Click on image for a full-size version)

The great thing about these data is that they are based on actual tuning behavior from the set-top boxes that were tuned to your ad. This information is available the day after your ads have aired, though it takes about a week to finalize (much like impressions change until they are finalized), and you can get information for all ads that aired on January 5th, 2009 or later.

Our goal for this feature is to help you to identify where your ad should run to best reach your desired audience and then quickly determine whether your ads are in fact effectively reaching your desired audience, so you can adjust your campaign accordingly. By focusing your investment on reaching viewers who find your message most relevant, you'll find that you're getting more out of your campaign.

Posted by Andrew Poon, Product Manager for Google TV Ads