Tips: Optimizing Your Audio Ads Campaigns

Monday, November 17, 2008 | 1:41 PM


Not sure how to create a successful campaign based on your specific marketing goals? Google Audio Ads now has personalized settings for frequency (the average number of times an individual listener will hear your ad in a week) and station rank (the relative size of a station based on it's listeners in your target demographic) and to target spots that are most effective for your campaign. When setting up a new campaign, you will have the choice between four marketing goals and their corresponding settings:

  • Drive traffic and response: Your campaign will select the most efficient spots while reaching the same listeners multiple times. Research shows that repetition, or high frequency, is critical to have listeners respond to a given call to action.
  • Remind listeners about a product or brand: Your campaign will seek out the most efficient available spots and will maximize your budget utilization. Since your product/brand is already established, reaching as many listeners as possible will take a higher priority over reaching those listeners at a higher frequency.
  • Establish a new product or brand: Your campaign will select spots on higher-ranked stations regardless of their efficiency, while trying to reach the same listeners more than once. Higher ranked stations may increase the likelihood of your product/brand being associated with those already established.
  • Other: If you are trying to do something with this campaign other than the above choices, this option will give you generalized campaign settings.
To view the specific allocation settings for each goal, click the "Advanced" link. For example, "Drive traffic and response" will set your frequency settings to a range of 3.0 - 7.0, and let you run auctions for all station ranks. And if you're already running campaigns, don't worry - all current campaigns will retain their current settings but can be adjusted to take these new settings into account.

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You may also customize your frequency and station rank settings manually as well, also by clicking the "Advanced" link. Keep in mind that the higher your frequency requirements and the more you restrict plays based on station rank, the more limited your inventory options will be. This means that you may need to increase your bid or target more markets and formats to get the number of ad plays you're looking for.

Posted by Julie Picquet, Account Manager for Google Audio Ads