Google Print Ads Checks In for Results

Thursday, October 23, 2008 | 1:19 PM


How do you generate awareness of new reasons to buy your product or service?, a resource for travelers looking for competitive hotel rates, wanted to drive awareness of customer reviews as a useful feature available on their website. The company used Google Print Ads to get the word out and drive more bookings.

To get started, and their agency partners, Target Cast, leveraged the flexibility of the system to select different papers, ad sizes, run dates and easily upload creative materials. They tested Google Print Ads in nine different markets across the U.S. With Google Print Ads, was able to evaluate the direct impact of their campaign by reviewing reader response to their ads such as website traffic, coupon redemption, and phone calls. They looked at these metrics for markets where the newspaper ads ran and compared them to metrics in markets where no ads ran.
The results illustrated solid impact of their newspaper campaign - most notably, a spike in website traffic of up to 12% in the markets covered by their selected newspapers.

By testing in a few markets and tracking the results with Google Print Ads, was able to easily identify what worked before launching the campaign nationally. After the success in the test markets, the team decided to redesign their strategy for the upcoming national re-branding effort. This effort initially included a strong magazine focus, but instead they allocated 100 percent of that budget to execute a newspaper campaign across top markets nationwide. is just one advertiser who has found success with Google Print Ads. Read other advertiser success stories.

Posted by Megan Runser, Account Manager for Google Print Ads