ooVoo and Gotham Direct Prove that TV Drives Online Activity

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | 4:19 PM

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These days, people are consuming more media than ever before. Consumers continue to spend hundreds of hours per month watching TV, but are increasingly surfing the internet at the same time. Marketers are wondering: does television impact online activity? Recently, we worked with video conference provider ooVoo and its agency Gotham Direct to answer that exact question. To find out the extent to which television advertising drives online activity, ooVoo launched its first TV campaign through Google TV Ads from October 2008 - January 2009 while closely monitoring website traffic, downloads and ooVoo-related search queries.

Read our in-depth case study and watch our video to learn more. We've also included a summary of our findings below.

Impact on Web Traffic
ooVoo and Gotham Direct utilized Google Analytics to track unique visitors to ooVoo's main site and download page during the time their campaigns were running. From the figures below, we found a steady increase in direct hits (those who typed the URL directly into the browser) as the number of TV impressions increased. We measured nearly a 500% increase in web traffic compared to the pre-campaign traffic.

The chart above shows the number of unique hits to ooVoo.com (blue dots), overlaid with our predictive model of cumulative TV impressions (solid red line) along with 95% confidence bands (gray). Our holiday-adjusted model shows a strong relationship betweenooVoo's TV campaign and increase in website traffic.

Branded Search Query Growth
We also used search query data (Google searches containing “ooVoo” related keywords) to measure the effect ooVoo's TV ads had on search behavior. In the figures below, we observed an immediate tripling in query volume after the TV campaign started in early October.

This chart shows daily TV impressions overlaid with the volume of ooVoo-related Google searches. Search queries were relatively flat prior to the TV Campaign beginning, and increased steadily during the TV campaign.

ooVoo and Gotham Direct were able to use data to prove that television is incredibly effective in driving viewers online to learn more about what they saw on TV. “Substantiating the theory that TV does drive people online brings a new dimension to the power of television,” says Shattuck Groome, managing partner at Gotham Direct. “This is what it means to bring clients accountability and value for every marketing dollar spent.”

To learn more about these results and how others are finding success with Google TV Ads, visit our website at www.google.com/tvads.

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