Once a good ad, always a good ad?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | 7:31 PM

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Today, we'd like to kick off a series of blog posts that dive into the insights Google TV Ads is developing from set-top box data, to deliver better value to our advertisers and more relevant ads to viewers. Our TV Viewership Insights Series begins with a look at the various tuning metrics we measure, as signals from the audience about what they want to see and when. And while there are many factors that affect audience behavior, we can separate the effects of these factors to focus on how the audience is reacting to the ads themselves.

Visit our post
on the Official Google Blog for a more detailed analysis and a new video showcasing our findings.

We'll continue to post installments to this series over the next few days, along with more videos featuring our viewership insights.

Posted by Dan Zigmond, Technical Lead for Google TV Ads