Making it easier to create TV ads

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | 2:59 PM

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Advertising on television with Google TV Ads is easy...all you need is an ad that meets our editorial and technical requirements. You can create your ad in any of several ways, from finding a professional through our Ad Creation Marketplace, to using the self-service tool provided by our partner Spotmixer, to producing it yourself.

If you produce your own ad, there are a number of non-linear video editing software packages available for use on personal computers. And now, we make producing your ad even easier if you choose to use two of the more popular video editing systems, Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro. For each of these software packages, we've prepared a settings preset file which, once imported, makes exporting a video in the correct format a snap. These files are pre-programmed with the right settings to generate a video that complies with the Google TV Ads technical requirements.

You can download these settings preset files and read instructions on how to use them by visiting our Help Center.

Posted by Marek Jeziorek, Video Operations Manager for Google TV Ads