Google TV Ads: Reaching Far and Wide

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | 5:22 PM

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This is a big week for the TV Ads team at Google!

Not only are the latest 2 NBCU networks, Oxygen and Sci-Fi, going live, but the first of the two Crown Media networks, Hallmark Movie Channel (HMC), will also have inventory generally available across all day parts through the Google TV Ads platform.

This week's new network additions brings a little something for everyone. Both Hallmark Movie Channel and Oxygen offer a great way to reach adult women. Hallmark Movie Channel reaches 10 million homes with family-friendly programming and movies, while Oxygen reaches 74 million homes with original programming and content that's bold and engaging. Sci-Fi has historically provided strong reach with adult men, but more and more women are also becoming fans. Sci-Fi reaches 95 million homes with science fiction movies and original series.

If you don't have campaigns already setup that target these networks, you can access this inventory, by creating a new TV campaign in your AdWords account. Then, on the "Target campaign" page, choose any of our 3 new networks as your target, set the CPM and budget, upload your ad with the recommended technical requirements and you'll be entered into the auction. Those are the simple steps that you'll need to take to see your ad playing on these national networks.

We're working hard to provide advertisers with the option to reach even more of the right audience. There's more to come soon!

Posted by Lana Harel, Technical Account Manager for Google TV Ads