Control Campaign Flight Schedules with Google TV Ads

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | 12:04 PM

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It’s now easier and less time consuming to create and manage your TV campaigns that you want to air on and off over a given period of time. The new Flight Controls feature allows you to schedule in advance when you would like your campaign to be paused.

Say, for example, you want to run a campaign for the first 2 weeks of each month. The schedule can be set in advance with this new feature. This will save time in managing campaigns that are not always on, since there won’t be any need to continually monitor/track campaign schedules and manually pause on specific date periods. Here's how you'd set up your campaign:

  • Enter multiple start/end dates that coordinate with campaign flight schedules, when creating a new campaign or editing an existing one.
  • After adding your first date range, just select “Add another date range,” and another row with start/end date fields will appear.
  • You can add up to 25 date ranges for a given campaign.
  • The end date entered for the last date range will serve as the default end date.
(Click on the image for a full-size version)

You can still pause your campaigns manually at any time. If a campaign is paused because the current date is outside of your set flight dates, this will be indicated in the current status column as shown below.
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This feature should save you from having to continually monitor campaign schedules that need to be paused on specific dates. Now what will you do with that extra time?

Posted by Ajoy Bhambani, Product Specialist for Google TV Ads