Check Out In-Stream Video Ads

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 9:28 PM

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If you've run television campaigns before, you know that sight, sound and motion can truly create meaningful connections between brands and customers. So we thought it would be useful to write about a complementary ad format observed by Neilsen to increase brand recall of TV ads by as much as 35%. Google enables you to extend the power of your TV campaign to audiences online by running in-stream video ads. Advertisers can run :15 or :30 second video ads on YouTube and over 90 partner sites across our network to reach engaged online video viewers. In-stream ads enable you to elevate video advertising to an interactive level by enabling click-throughs to designated landing pages. If your goal is to drive offline activity, don't worry: we've also read reports of increased offline response to premium online video advertising.

The unique value of in-stream is its ability to merge the benefits of TV ads and online advertising by providing an engaging experience that is clickable and more directly trackable. Leverage free tools like the Adwords Placement Tool or the YouTube Video Targeting Tool to find content that best reaches your defined audience and customize campaigns through geo-targeting, audience targeting, daypart limitations and enabling conversion tracking to drive and measure effective video impressions.

Sample of in-stream partner sites

Ready to get started? To learn even more about this ad format, we encourage you to view our recent webinar featuring the YouTube Video Targeting Tool which will guide you through the best ways to extend the reach of your TV campaigns through in-stream.