Networks deliver audiences in different ways

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | 2:15 PM

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In our latest installment of the TV Viewership Insights Series, we look at how every network delivers its audience slightly differently. Even networks with similar audiences can elicit different kinds of viewing behavior from their followers. We looked at two networks in particular, Oxygen and SOAP, both of which serve an audience composed mainly of women.

Check out this video to learn what we found:

We saw that Oxygen generates more unique impressions as we increase the number of total impressions in a campaign, while SOAP offers more frequency of exposure for any given level of total impressions. Presumably, Oxygen is reaching a large number of women who tune in for a specific show or movie. SOAP, on the other hand, benefits from women tuning into their soap operas day after day at the same time. Advertisers might choose one of these over the other depending on their marketing objectives.

In this TV Viewership Insight, set-top box data enabled us to confirm a plausible hunch regarding Oxygen and SOAP's abilities to deliver on different campaign goals. Applying this type of research more broadly across other networks whose audience delivery is less well understood will help marketers build better media plans and understand their ad viewing audience better.

Posted by Deeksha Hebbar, Associate Marketing Manager for Google TV Ads