Google TV Ads Summit Brings Together Industry Leaders to Discuss Innovation in TV Advertising

Monday, February 2, 2009 | 2:15 PM

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Last week, we hosted the 2nd annual Google TV Ads Summit in Google's New York offices. This event brought together over 200 industry professionals, thought leaders and executives from the world of TV advertising and media. We've posted a highlight reel and photos from the event to give you an an inside look. Themes that emerged from the event focused on: doing more with less, using data to make decisions and utilizing new media to continue connecting with audiences beyond television.

New Economy Brings New Mindset
To kick-off the event, keynote speaker Kim Kadlec, Chief Media Office of Johnson & Johnson urged the audience to embrace the new economy and learn to do more with less. "This environment gives us the opportunity to automate some parts of media planning and buying, in order to activate more overall sales," Kadlec said. She believes that fear is a choice, and she urged the audience to embrace the changing environment to find ways of driving business forward.

Data Rules
It was clear from many conversations that making data driven decisions is becoming increasingly important. Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Universal said: "We would like to deliver what our advertisers want. Set top boxes are the treasure trove for all of us." A panel focusing on response-focused advertising stressed the vital need for more data and information. Greg Smith, COO of Neo@Ogilvy said, "Our clients are not asking us to re-invent ourselves...but they certainly are asking for more insight from the data."

New Platforms, New Possibilities
Leaders on the cutting edge from YouTube,, Joost and VivaKi discussed the convergence of offline and online video, a hot topic of the night. Jack Klues, Managing Partner at VivaKi noted, "Advertisers are prepared to spend money on the right target, right program, right time regardless of the absolute audience size." Panelists agreed that audience viewing habits are changing radically, and advertisers should take advantage of new scalable media like online video to augment TV ad reach.

Jeff Zucker also commented on NBC Universal's partnership with Google TV Ads: "We're really proud to be doing what we're doing with Google...The way we've done business for the last 25 years has got to continue to evolve."

The 2009 Google TV Ads Summit truly opened up the conversation on innovation and gave attendees a unique glimpse into the TV industry. We hope you will check out event highlights captured in the video below.

Posted by Neha Mandal for Google TV Ads