Introducing the Traditional Media Effectiveness Tracking Page

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 | 5:23 PM

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Print campaigns. Website visits. Audio Ads. Incoming phone calls. TV campaigns. It's enough to make any marketer's head spin. We don't have to remind anyone of the importance of measuring each medium, but keeping track of them is so difficult that many businesses simply don't have the time to do so.

Well, we want to help. We're excited to announce the launch of the Traditional Media Effectiveness Tracking Page. It's designed to provide marketers a better overview of the Google Traditional Media campaigns they've run, and more importantly, how those campaigns have helped drive customer inquiries.

What happens to website visits when an advertiser runs print campaigns in multiple cities across the US? What happens to website visits when that same advertiser adds an audio campaign or TV campaign to the same markets? Ho
w big is that benefit? We're launching the Tracking Page because we want to help advertisers answer these questions.

The Traditional Media Effectiveness Tracking Page has three modules: an Impressions and Cost Module; a Google Analytics Module; and a Call Reporting Module. These modules work together to provide helpful insights about what effects
an advertiser's traditional media campaigns are creating.

(Click on the images below for full-size versions)

Impressions and Cost Module

Google Analytics Module
Call Reporting Module

Advertisers can use the Tracking Page to identify trends and insights and then use advanced tools such as Google Analytics reports to deep dive into, say, how the combination of running a print and audio campaign in the same market at the same time drove a substantial increase in website response - a phenomenon that GolfNow experienced when launching their product in new markets.

As this tracking page evolves we look forward to adding new modules which further the tracking abilities of our advertisers.
Check it out today and of course, feel free to pass along your thoughts. We've set up a feedback link on the right side and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Effectiveness Tracking Page can be found on the 'Traditional Media Ads' tab on the Conversion Tracking link in AdWords Accounts. You can find it linked from the Campaign Summary table as well - above the Audio, Print and TV campaign tables.

Posted by Kenton Kivestu, Product Specialist and Neha Singh, Software Engineer