Use Targets and Blocks to Strengthen Your TV Campaigns

Friday, August 1, 2008 | 12:23 PM

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You may already be familiar with how to target or block specific programs in your TV campaigns. Now, one of our newest features allows you to block certain airings of programs by choosing specific networks and dayparts during which you do not want your ad to run. We'll talk later in the post about why this is useful, but first, let's review program targeting.

By clicking on the "Select Programs" tab and entering the program title or subject matter that you are looking for, you can quickly add programs to target in your schedule. In addition, if you click on the "more" link in your search results, you can choose to target the airings of those programs that are on a specific network.

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This can be helpful for two reasons:
  • If a program you want to target airs on multiple networks, but you feel that only one of those networks has the audience you want to target, you can choose it specifically.
  • If you only want your ads to air on the network where the program was first run, you can select it and not select other networks that syndicate it.
In addition to specifying the network on which the program airs, you can also be specific about the times. So why might it be beneficial to block certain times when a program airs? The feature is especially useful if you are trying to manage traffic to call centers, and you want your ad to air only during hours of operation.

Trying the new feature is simple:

1. From the "Select/Block programs" tab, search for the program you'd like to target and click "Add."

2. View which networks the program appears on by clicking "more" next to the Sample Synopsis.

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3. Then, from the "Select networks/dayparts" tab, find the networks and dayparts during which you do not want your ad to run, and click the "Block from schedule" button.

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Now that you're armed with the ability to target and block, you can go on creating even more effective campaigns.

Posted by Aly Makishima, the Google TV Ads Team