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Thursday, August 7, 2008 | 12:46 AM

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Ready to get started with Google TV Ads, but don't already have a commercial? No problem! The Google Ad Creation Marketplace has over two dozen TV Specialists to help you create the perfect television ad in an affordable and timely manner. Whether you're interested in using stock footage, pre-produced commercials, or custom ads with on-location filming and live actors, our TV Ad Creation Marketplace covers a wide scope of TV production services, so you can find the Specialist who meets your creative needs at the price you're willing to pay.

Watch how eHealth was able to launch a successful TV campaign using the Google Ad Creation Marketplace to create their custom ad with on-location filming:

Here are some helpful guidelines to consider when using the TV Ad Creation Marketplace:

  • Request a bid from three to five Ad Creation Specialists. This will give you a variety of prices, ideas and offerings from professionals. Choose the Specialist that meets your needs.
  • Communicate with your Specialist during the ad creation process. Discuss the price and the deposit, the approval process, and the estimated time for completion. You can find their contact information from within your Ad Creation Marketplace request for bids.
  • Incorporate tracking mechanisms in your TV creative. Include a unique URL on the bottom of the screen, a coupon code, or unique phone number so that you can better track the responses to your ad. Ask your Specialist to incorporate these elements into multiple shots, so that potential customers will remember them, and consider having different codes for different channels to track which programs bring you the best business.
View the commercial below, to see an example of an ad produced by a Specialists for through the Google Ad Creation Marketplace.

Your Specialist will work with you to create your ideal ad. You can easily pay using
Google Checkout, and the ad will be uploaded directly to your AdWords account for immediate use in your TV campaigns. View our demo to learn how to get started. Ads can be produced for as low as $79 dollars, so your imagination is the only limit!

Posted by Julie Picquet, Ad Creation Marketplace Specialist